Our Goal

The objective of BQ AI is to build a super-intelligence of the global economy, beginning with the U.S. economy, by leveraging BQ’s proprietary database of financial, legal, and employment information on companies and people.

BQ AI is being built from the ground up at the atomic level, by modeling the economy as a complex system of interacting companies, consumers, households, governments, and events. Specifically, BQ AI will connect the “micro view” of particular companies and people to the “macro view” of regions, industries, governments, and the environment.

Unlocking Possibilities

BQ AI allows one to search, discover, analyze and predict (SDAP) the economy to enable:

  • Enhanced transparency in private & public capital markets
  • Superior & fairer access to credit for SMBs
  • Reduction in consumer & business fraud
  • Opportunities for growth in underprivileged parts of the economy
  • Understanding sources & solutions to inequality & class poverty
  • Promotion of green technologies, without causing too much economic pain
  • Policies to assist failing currencies & economies
  • Outcomes that reduce homelessness & improve mental health
  • Business practices & government policies that reduce healthcare costs


BQ AI users include:

  • Quant & Fundamental Analysts
  • Economists & Researchers
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Compliance & Fraud Investigators
  • Policymakers & Regulators

Safety & Security

  • Access to BQ AI is constrained and limited since it may be used by bad actors to manipulate capital markets, crash currencies, trigger bank runs, and bring about economic crises.


  • In keeping with this mission, BQ AI is freely available to U.S. statistical and regulatory agencies, and is being developed with their cooperation, in part to ensure that the training and output of the BQ AI system is safe for the world economy.